Bill Signed

Since Senator Gopal entered the New Jersey Senate in 2018, he has had more than 250 of his bills signed into law – many of them with

bi-partisan partners! Some Major Laws Senator Gopal sponsored, which have been signed into law include…


  • Laws Towards Consolidation and Shared Services in Order to Lower Taxes
  • Laws Increased Funding for New Jersey Manufacturing
  • Laws Increasing Special Education Funding and School Funding via. and Adjustment Aide Program
  • Banning Smoking on New Jersey Beaches
  • Largest increase in Mental Health Funding in the State
  • Supported Small-Businesses during Covid – with innovative laws such as Expanding Outdoor Dining, Cocktails to Go, Remote Notary Services and More
  • Extending foreclosure protection and mortgage relief programs for certain Superstorm Sandy-impacted homeowners.
  • Requiring law enforcement to provide written notification to parent or guardian of person under age 18 who commits the first offense of unlawfully possessing or consuming alcohol or drugs
  • Codified constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.
  • Established Statewide behavioral health crisis system of care.
  • Established Campus Sexual Assault Commission.
  • Significant Gun Safety Laws
  • Prohibited offshore oil and gas exploration, development, and production in State waters, and issuance of DEP permits and approvals for activities associated with offshore oil and gas activities.
  • Expanded eligibility under New Jersey earned income tax credit program to allow taxpayers who are at least 18 years of age or older to qualify for modified benefit.

Superstorm Sandy

A4529 – Concerns reimbursements to Superstorm Sandy-impacted homeowners subjected to contractor fraud.
A5096 – Extends foreclosure protection and mortgage relief programs for certain Superstorm Sandy-impacted homeowners.

Public Safety

S1017 – Provides retirement allowance after 20 years of service regardless of age for current members of PFRS who retire within two years.
S2355 – Delays mandatory retirement in SPRS when it would occur during period of state of emergency; extends eligibility for appointment as member of State Police and enrollment in SPRS for 160th Class of NJ State Police.
A5472 – Requires law enforcement to provide written notification to parent or guardian of person under age 18 who commits first offense of unlawfully possessing or consuming alcoholic beverage, cannabis, marijuana, or hashish.
A6093 – Mandates periodic cancer screening examinations for firefighters enrolled in SHBP.
A6132 – Permits volunteer paramedics to operate within mobile intensive care units
A1400 – Revises law governing Class Three special law enforcement officer.
A1477 – Establishes Statewide Hit and Run Advisory Program to facilitate apprehension of persons fleeing motor vehicle accident scene; designated as “Zackhary’s Law.
A3890 – Imposes motor vehicle penalty points for certain violations of “move over law”; establishes public awareness campaign; designated as “Slow Down or Move Over, It’s the Law Act.”
S376 – Eliminates eligibility time limit on tuition benefits for spouses of certain public safety workers killed in performance of their duties.
A1028 – Establishes training program to prevent suicide by law enforcement officer; requires reporting of law enforcement officer suicides to Attorney General.*
A5263 – Requires four-year public institution of higher education to award college credits to firefighters for certain courses completed at county fire academies.
A1897 – Provides for certain criminal and civil justice reforms, particularly addressing legal consequences associated with certain marijuana and hashish offenses as well as raising awareness of available expungement relief.

Gun Safety

A3687 – Requires certain family or household members and victims be notified when firearms are returned to persons charged with domestic violence or subject to extreme risk protection order.
SJR41 – Designates June 2 of each year as “Gun Violence Awareness Day.
A1181 – Requires firearms seizure when certain health care professional determines patient poses threat of harm to self or others.

LGBTQ+ Rights

S2815 – Requires DMVA assist service members discharged solely due to LGBTQ status with petitions to change discharge designation
S3416 – Codifies same-sex marriage in the statutes.
A1796 – Prevents criminal defendent from asserting “gay and transgender panic” defense to murder charge in order to reduce charge to manslaughter committed in heat of passion.


A1127 – Requires hospitals and homeless shelters to provide information on services and resources to individuals who are homeless or military veterans.
A2604 – Establishes “Blue Alert System.
S3422 – Requires declaration of Code Blue alert when National Weather Service predicts temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.


SJR79 – Creates commission to study sexual assault, misconduct, and harassment by staff against inmates in State correctional facilities.
A3312 – Requires Legislature to adopt and distribute policy prohibiting sexual harassment; requires members, officers, and employees of Legislature to complete online training on policy once every two years.
A2190 – Requires school districts to incorporate instruction in grades six through 12 on law and meaning of consent for physical contact and sexual activity as part of Student Learning Standards in Comprehensive Health and Physical Education.
A2767 – Amends certain provisions of sexual assault statute to clarify elements necessary for conviction.
A5632 – Requires certain public employees receive additional training to manage harassment or discrimination complaints.
A5630 – Requires Civil Service Commission to establish and maintain hotline for State employees to submit reports of workplace discrimination and harassment.
S477 – Extends statute of limitations in civil actions for sexual abuse claims; expands categories of potential defendants in civil actions; creates two-year window for parties to bring previously time-barred actions based on sexual abuse.*
S778 – Establishes Campus Sexual Assault Commission.
S1761 – Expands the Address Confidentiality Program to include victims of sexual assault and stalking; and reproductive health service patients and providers.*

Opioid and Recovery


  • “P.I.C.K. Awareness Act”; authorizes issuance of special support recovery license plates.
  • Increased Funding for Combatting Opioids and Supporting Recovery and Re-Entry Programs
  • Secured Significant Funding for Monmouth KEYS Academy


S3521 – Makes $15 million in federal funds available to EDA and New Jersey Council on the Arts to support arts and culture organizations in need.
A3101 – Increases minimum annual amounts for appropriation for certain arts, historical heritage, and tourism purposes from hotel and motel occupancy fee revenues.
A5113 – Appropriates $11,777,499 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to NJ Historic Trust for grants for certain historic preservation projects and associated administrative expenses.

S3328 – Allows issuance of alcoholic beverage retail license for use in connection with nonprofit movie theaters that promote arts.


Disability Rights

A5294 – Provides fast track hiring and advancement employment opportunities by State for persons with significant disabilities.

  • Requires that certain realty transfer fee revenues be dedicated to the Special Needs Housing Trust Fund.
  • Increased Funding for Programs for Employers Hiring Individuals with Disabilities

Protecting our Environment

A5343 – Requires public community water systems to inventory and replace lead service lines within 10 years; provides for recoupment of costs by investor-owned public water systems.
S3539 – Directs DEP to establish grant program for local governments to support development of community gardens.
A1653 – Encourages development of zero-emission vehicle fueling and charging infrastructure in redevelopment projects.
A5121 – Concerns provision of energy to certain manufacturing facilities by providing exemptions to certain energy related taxes.
A5160 – Establishes minimum energy and water efficiency standards for certain products sold, offered for sale, or leased in the State.
S3995 – Establishes School and Small Business Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program Fund in BPU.
A839 – Prohibits offshore oil and gas exploration, development, and production in State waters, and issuance of DEP permits and approvals for activities associated with offshore oil and gas activities.
S598 – Requires NJ to join U.S. Climate Alliance to uphold Paris Climate Accord.
S606 – Encourages local units to plan for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
S731 – Regulates operation of low-speed electric bicycles and low-speed electric scooters.
S1074 – Provides for protection of public right of access to certain public trust lands.
S2252 – Establishes goals and initiatives for increased use of use of plug-in electric vehicles.
S3215 – Requires State to use 20-year time horizon and most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Assessment Report when calculating global warming potential to measure global warming impact of greenhouse gases

Tax Relief

A5345 – Expands eligibility under New Jersey earned income tax credit program to allow taxpayers who are at least 18 years of age or older to qualify for modified benefit.
S3949 – FY 2021 State supplemental appropriation; appropriates $100.3 million in General Fund monies and $14.4 million in Property Tax Relief Fund monies.
A1048 – Requires property tax bills to contain eligibility information on State tax relief programs.
A5609 – Increases gross income tax deduction available to veterans from $3,000 to $6,000.

  • Establishes annual sales tax holiday for retail sales of computers, school computer supplies, school art supplies, school instructional materials and sport or recreational equipment.*
  • Sponsorship of ANCHOR Property Tax Deduction Program
  • Sponsorship of Renters Tax Deduction Program

Independent Pharmacy Support

S249 – Requires pharmacy benefits manager providing services within Medicaid program to disclose certain information to DHS.

  • Prohibits pharmacy benefits managers and carriers from engaging in “clawback” and “gag clause” practices; requires certain disclosures by pharmacists; requires Director of Division of Consumer Affairs to conduct public information campaign.
  • Laws Supporting Independent-Small Businesses

Human Trafficking

A883 – Directs the development and posting of notices containing information for victims of human trafficking.
A5332 – Provides for process to vacate and expunge certain arrests, charges, complaints, convictions, other dispositions, and DNA records, associated with violations by certain human trafficking victims.
S2691 – Makes supplemental appropriation of $100,000 to Commission on Human Trafficking.
S356 – Provides for lifetime disqualification from operating commercial motor vehicle and transportation network company vehicle for persons convicted of human trafficking.

Consumer Rights

S2437 – Limits service fees charged to restaurants by third-party food takeout and delivery applications during COVID-19 state of emergency.
S4233 – Limits fees charged to patients and authorized third parties for copies of medical and billing records.
S3227 – Requires restaurants to post signs advising customers to notify servers of food allergies; requires restaurant managers to complete food allergen training.
S2356 – Extends prohibition on certain utility discontinuances for certain customers.

Food Insecurity

S4247 – Establishes criteria for distribution of Fiscal Year 2020 funding to Community Food Bank of New Jersey and partner organizations.

  • Designates Thursday of third week of September of each year as “Food Waste Prevention Day” in New Jersey.
  • Significant Funding Support for our Food Pantries


S3292Prohibits persons from receiving compensation for advising or assisting with veterans benefits.


S2534 – Revises “New Jersey Smoke-Free Air Act” to prohibit smoking at public beaches and parks.

Women’s Health

S49 – Codifies constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.
A4938 – Requires DOH to establish “My Life, My Plan” program to support women of childbearing age in developing reproductive life plan.
A5802 – Makes FY 2020 supplemental appropriation of $9.5 million to DOH for family planning services.
S105 – Provides Medicaid coverage for family planning services to individuals with incomes up to 200 percent of the federal poverty level.
S120 – Makes FY 2018 supplemental appropriation of $7,453,000 to DOH for family planning services.

Library Support

A6148 – Appropriates $37,174,636.71 from “New Jersey Library Construction Fund” to provide grants for construction, reconstruction, development, extension, improvement, and furnishing of New Jersey’s public libraries.

Mental Health

A543 – Revises psychologist training requirements
A3007 – Requires institutions of higher education to provide students with access to mental health care programs and services and to establish a hotline to provide information concerning the availability of those services.
A3860 – Establishes certain requirements to use telemedicine and telehealth to respond to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).
A4138 – Requires Department of Human Services to develop public emergency response plan for licensed providers of services to individuals with developmental disabilities.
A4205 – Enters New Jersey into Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact.
S550 – Requires certain student identification cards to contain telephone number for suicide prevention hotline.
AJR105 – Designates March of each year as “Professional Social Work Month” in New Jersey.
AJR152 – Designates Monday before Thanksgiving Day of each year as “A Day in the Life – Type 1 Diabetes Day.”
S1032 – Concerns expansion of services provided by DHS mental health screening services.*
S2508 – Requires health insurance carriers to provide coverage for treatment of mental health conditions and substance use disorders through collaborative care.
S311 – Establishes Statewide behavioral health crisis system of care. *

School Safety

A3675 – Permits school district superintendent to designate school employee with certain expertise as school safety specialist
A4597 – Makes supplemental appropriation of $11,300,000 from General Fund to DOE to increase per pupil funding for nonpublic security aid from $75 to $150.


A3861 – Concerns unemployment compensation and labor disputes.
S1887 – Directs Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to establish pilot program to assist certain unemployed and underemployed individuals to complete industry-valued Credentials in 12 months.
S3170 – Increases prenotification time and requires severance pay in certain plant closings, transfers, and mass layoffs.


S3945 – “Create a Respectful and Open Workspace for Natural Hair Act”- CROWN Act; addresses discrimination under “Law Against Discrimination.” based on traits historically associated with race, particularly focused on hair texture and style.
S104 – Concerns equal pay and employment discrimination.*

  • Recognizes 70th anniversary of establishment of State of Israel.
  • Increased Funding for Holocaust Commission

Animal Rights

S975 – Establishes trunk fighting as animal cruelty offense and crime of the third degree.
S1726 – Requires that certain realty transfer fProhibits sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on revenues be dedicated to the Special Needs Housing Trust Fund.
A4552 – Prohibits leasing dogs and cats.
S3146 – Establishes owning or possessing animal fighting or dog fighting paraphernalia as crime of third degree; establishes civil animal cruelty penalties therefor.

Portuguese-American Support

SJR101 – Designates March 15 of each year as Peter Francisco Day in New Jersey.
AJR196 – Designates June 10 of each year as “Portugal Day” in New Jersey.

Youth Engagement

S3164 – Creates NJ Legislative Youth Council

S2304 Permits excused absences for students who attend civic events.

Consolidation and Shared-Services

S2303 – Concerns subcontracting agreements entered into by public school districts and county colleges.
S3049 – Establishes regional municipal court pilot program.
A1100 Adds Monmouth County and Atlantic County as pilot counties for purposes of “Common Sense Shared Services Pilot Program Act.”

Ethics in Government

S2859 – Prohibits issuance of certain badges to NJT board members, PANYNJ commissioners, and local and State elected officials.

  • Provides governance, oversight, and accountability reforms at NJT.
  • Sponsorship of Removal of Judges Russo and Troiano

Education and Higher Education

S3683 – Requires institutions of higher education to provide certain student loan information.
S4020 – Expands bonding authority of New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority to permit financing for general funding needs of New Jersey’s institutions of higher education.
S993 – Concerns arbitration for certain non-teaching school staff.
S2397 – Requires institutions of higher education to provide alternative arrangements to students unable to complete certain assignments by regular due date or register for courses because of day of religious observance.
S2660 – Establishes grant program and tuition reimbursement program for certain teachers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; appropriates $5 million to DOE.
A1114 – Requires pupils who reside on certain federal property to enroll in resident school district in accordance with schedule determined by executive county superintendent of schools.
A4710 – “Strengthening Gifted and Talented Education Act”; establishes school district responsibilities in educating gifted and talented students.

S3950 – Establishes exemption from State school aid reductions for certain school districts.

S3941 – Waives certain certification and credentialing fees for teachers for one year.

S3406 – Requires public institutions of higher education to submit annual fiscal monitoring report; authorizes Secretary of Higher Education to appoint State monitor of certain institutions; requires higher education chief financial officers complete training; annually appropriates $100,000.

S3089 Permits certain school districts to establish State military impact aid reserve account.

S2857 – Establishes “Sustainable New Jersey Fund” in DEP to support certain sustainability initiatives; appropriates $1 million.

S2563 – Makes certain changes to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics educator grant program.

S1929 Makes FY 2022 supplemental appropriation to provide State military impact aid to certain school districts.


September 11th

A4882 – Permits certain members or retirees of PFRS,SPRS, or PERS to receive accidental disability retirement allowance for disability resulting from participation in 9/11 World Trade Center rescue, recovery, or cleanup operations.**


S1245 – Establishes housing of equine-related farm employees in facilities with horses under certain conditions as “Right to Farm” permissible activity; requires State Agriculture Development Committee agricultural management practice that permits such housing.
S3228 – Appropriates $12 million from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for county planning incentive grants for farmland preservation purposes.
A1039 – Directs the Division of Travel and Tourism to publish on its website information of farm-to-table restaurants.
A1330 – Directs Dept. of Agriculture to create pilot program to research cultivation of industrial hemp.
A4708 – Establishes Farm Liaison in Department of Agriculture.
A4733 – Appropriates $15,000,000 from constitutionally dedicated CBT revenues to State Agriculture Development Committee for municipal planning incentive grants for farmland preservation purposes.

SJR110 – Designates April of each year as “New Jersey Native Plants Month.”

Small-Business and Economic Development

S2921 – Allows municipalities to designate outdoor areas upon which people may consume alcoholic beverages.
S3673 – Authorizes limited breweries and craft distilleries to sell at retail and offer for sampling purposes product bottled and stored off-site under certain circumstances.
SJR57 – Designates first week of October of each year as Manufacturing Week.
A1293 – Establishes advisory council for the brewery, cidery, meadery, and distillery industries in NJ and provides for funding through certain alcoholic beverage tax receipts.
A3996 – Concerns delivery and sale of alcoholic beverages during declared state of emergency; requires ABC director to notify licensees of certain tax exemptions during emergency
A4589 – Extends time period during which seasonal retail consumption license holders may sell alcoholic beverages following COVID-19 pandemic.
A4805 – Requires certain insurers to provide summary concerning business interruption insurance.
A5444 – Makes $35 million in federal funds available to EDA to support food and beverage establishments in need.
A5704 – Appropriates $120 million from General Fund to EDA to support microbusinesses impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.
A5705 – Appropriates $10 million from General Fund to EDA to support child care providers impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.
A5706 – Appropriates $20 million from General Fund to EDA to support food and beverage establishments impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.
A5707 – Appropriates $50 million from General Fund to EDA to support businesses and nonprofit organizations impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.
A5708 – Establishes Startup Business and Nonprofit Assistance Program in EDA to support new businesses and nonprofit organizations following COVID-19 pandemic; appropriates $25 million.
A5709 – Appropriates $10 million from General Fund to EDA to support Sustain and Serve NJ Program.
S3340 – Expands opportunities for restaurants, bars, distilleries, and breweries to provide outdoor dining and permits certain sales at seasonal farm markets in response to COVID-19 public health emergency.
S2839 – Makes General Fund supplemental appropriation of $250,000 to New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc.
SJR27 – Designates May of each year as “Small Business Month” in New Jersey.
A2041 – Establishes “Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant Bond Financing Act,” authorizing issuance of bonds secured by pledge of Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant proceeds, municipal liens, and special assessment; expands “Redevelopment Area Bond Financing Law;” extends time to complete certain projects under “Long Term Tax Exemption Law.”
S3061 – Provides corporation business tax and gross income tax credits for businesses that participate in DOL registered apprenticeship programs; establishes grant program for tax-exempt organizations participating in DOL registered apprenticeship programs.

S4265 – Makes various revisions to alcoholic beverage manufacturing and retailing license laws.

S3748 – Transfers Motion Picture and Television Development Commission to EDA; revises provisions of film and digital media content production tax credit program; appropriates 30 million.