Gopal Bill Promoting Local Produce Becomes Law

05/14/19 | News

OCEAN TOWNSHIP – Legislation (AJR-114) introduced by Senator Vin Gopal designating the last full week of July as “Buy Local Week” was signed into law this Monday by Governor Phil Murphy.

“It’s important for farmers to develop relationships with their communities, and extremely rewarding for shoppers to do the reverse,” said Gopal (D-Long Branch).

“It’s my hope that ‘Buy Local Week’ will encourage New Jerseyans to support local farms by purchasing Jersey-grown produce, which is both fresher and far better for the environment and local economies.”

Buying from local farms allows consumers to get products that are fresher and have traveled a much shorter distance before reaching the consumer’s plate; helps promote cleaner air and water, since it takes less energy to transport products over shorter distances, thus reducing the carbon footprint on the planet; keeps money circulating in the local community; and helps link local producers directly with consumers, which fosters local community development and also serves to highlight the health and economic benefits that farms provide.

The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate in March.