Gopal Hosts Freehold Small Business Roundtable Discussion

05/31/18 | News

Senator Vin Gopal hosted the second in his series of Small Business Roundtable Discussions on Wednesday, May 30 at Freehold Borough Hall.

“Connecting with our small business community has been such an enriching and eye opening experience,” said Senator Gopal.

“Having started my own small business, I understand what is like to navigate the web of red tape government often imposes. To hear some of the issues local business owners have dealt with in and around Freehold underscores how important it is that we empower this community.”

Nearly 40 local businesses attended the roundtable to share their concerns with the Senator and learn more about his new small business initiative, The Senator was also joined by NJBIA President Michele Siekerka who kindly served as the guest speaker.

“I am so grateful to all of the business owners who took the time out of their busy schedules to attend this important roundtable and share their struggles with me,” said Senator Gopal. “I had the opportunity to meet some incredible people on Wednesday and learn more about the unique businesses that make up Monmouth County’s small business ecosystem. Each of these businesses play a key role in our local economy, providing jobs and services to residents. We have an obligation to ensure these businesses are capable of growing and thriving. If a law or ordinance stands in the way of that, it is important that we know that and take steps to fix it.”

Senator Gopal hosted two Small Business Roundtable Discussions in May, Small Business Month, to learn more about the challenges facing local small business owners and engage them in his new initiative, Small business owners are encouraged to visit this new site to tell the Senator about their business and submit written comments about the issues they have encountered. All submissions will be reviewed and feedback will be utilized to effect change within the small business community.

“Through our Report Red Tape initiative, we are empowering small business owners to cut through the red tape. With your feedback, we will work to introduce legislation to reduce the gridlock and support local businesses. Once you submit your concerns, we will investigate ways the State can help, work with State Departments on your behalf, or see if the problem needs a legislative solution,” Senator Gopal said.