Gopal Voices Support for RGGI Executive Order: “It’s Time for New Jersey to be an Environmental Leader Again”

01/30/18 | News

HIGHLANDS — Senator Vin Gopal released the following statement in support of Governor Murphy’s Executive Order to rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:

“Today is a day future generations of New Jerseyans will thank us for. I am excited to see Governor Murphy taking swift action to support our environment and there is no better place to do it than right here in Monmouth County. Readmission to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative will put us on a path toward a cleaner environment for our children and help drive green innovation throughout the state of New Jersey.

“Here in Monmouth County, every environmental issue is an economic issue. Along our boardwalks and beaches, our mom and pop shops help drive the state’s $44 billion tourism industry. Today’s action should provide those business owners with further assurance that New Jersey is working to ensure they don’t just survive, but thrive. Beyond our tourism industry, New Jersey has an opportunity to lead the way in the renewable energy economy. By 2023, solar energy alone is expected to account for an additional 220,000 jobs across the United States, with wind and other forms of renewable energy adding thousands more. Many of these are high paying jobs that cannot be outsourced. We need to be sure New Jerseyans are filling those roles and readmission to RGGI takes us in that direction.

“It’s time for New Jersey to be an environmental leader again and the Governor’s decision to rejoin the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is the right first step.”