Sen. Gopal Lambasts Minimum Wage Deal

01/17/19 | News

Senator Vin Gopal stands in strong opposition to the newly agreed upon minimum wage deal by Democratic Party leadership, which stands to negatively impact the local small business community.

This deal will be crushing for small businesses which are just over five employees.

“The deal announced today by the Democratic Party leadership is a disastrous deal that will issue a devastating blow to our small business community and inevitably result in the closure of countless mom and pop shops,” said Senator Vin Gopal, an avid supporter of the small business community in District 11 and New Jersey at large.

“These are not large corporations that can absorb the blow. Forcing small business owners to drastically raise their minimum wage over this short period will result in layoffs and closures, which will ultimately hurt our local economy and will only empower bigger corporations.

“The owner of a coffee shop or an ice cream parlor does not make a six-figure salary. Often, these business owners don’t make a profit for the first several years of business. We cannot jeopardize our small business community with a frivolous minimum wage policy. The majority of the mom and pop businesses, already facing very high rents here in Monmouth County, will, without question, suffer as a direct result of this deal. The plan also offers no concrete economic study to determine the impact on a regular basis. ”