Sen. Gopal Works to Support Long-Term Care Facilities by Incentivizing CNA Training

12/19/18 | News

In an effort to support New Jersey’s long-term care facilities and the patients they serve, Senator Vin Gopal has introduced a bill providing corporation business tax credits for these businesses.

The bill (S3319) allows long-term care facilities licensed by the State to claim a credit against the corporate business tax if it pays for the training and certification of an individual to become a certified nurse aide.

“New Jersey’s long-term care facilities provide vital care for some of our most vulnerable residents,” said Senator Vin Gopal.

“We are currently facing a critical shortage of properly trained certified nurse aides, which stands in the way of providing New Jersey’s patients with the care they need and deserve. This tax credit incentivizes long-term care facilities to provide CNA training and develop a staff capable of providing proper care for all patients.”

The amount of the credit is $1,000 for each person the facility pays for the training and certification, up to $3,000. The credit would apply to the same privilege period in which the facility paid for the training and certification. A privilege period is a calendar or fiscal accounting period for which the corporate business tax is payable for the privilege of doing business in the State as a corporation.